We are Guerrillas

We are Guerrillas

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We are a team of thinkers, innovators, explorers & story tellers


We are Guerrillas

We are an independent film making company.

The company is hinged on the concept of Guerrillas, a small crew of efficient people for effective execution without unnecessary elaborations. We believe that when you have a clear vision and motivated, passionate people working towards that vision, the vision gradually manifests into reality. This holds true for everything we do. We found that we don’t need elaborate expensive production to create great content. All you need is vision, imagination and diligence. We believe in imaginations and thrive to have them realized. Following the foot-prints of Guerrilla tactics, we work in small crew of skilled individuals, equipped with sharp tools for exceptional execution. We taken on all forms of visual communication employing the most precise tools that technology has to offer and the most apt techniques developed through rigorous research and experimentation.

Innovation is our motto, trying something new to create something wonderful. Imagination drives the vision.


We have a vision of developing an eco-system for any individual or a brand by producing high quality content with the help of Ideas, innovation & technology for any market’s demand.


We believe in creating our own roads, and with it our own identity.


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We are an independent film making company.

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We are an independent film making company.

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