Design & Strategising Squad

Design & Strategising Squad

Branding Services

Just like each brand has its unique philosophy, values and mission, it also has its own specific personality. A personality conveyed through its design and content. This is the branding that makes a company a brand. The personality of a brand is reflected in every action or product of the company. Branding, in essence, is the voice of the company.

This is a process involving detailed research, assessment and careful planning. Unlike popular conception, it has a stringent set of rules and subsequent rationale to it and it is not subject to the whims and fancy of a designer or content creator.

  • Brand Research
  • Logo Design/ Brand Mark
  • Brand Guideline
  • Corporate Identity
  • Launch Campaign

Print Collaterals

Making a brand is much similar to making a thought. Brand creation is constantly established as a general rule however is arranged immovably towards the brand’s goals and beliefs. A standout amongst the most critical piece of brand creation is to accommodate the brand tastefully and deliberately stable print insurance.

  • Brochure Design
  • Catalogue Design
  • Annual Reports
  • Packaging Design

Digital Collaterals

Communication that goes out to the end user acts as a face of the company. Each element of the collateral is designed with an eye on how the logo and branding can best be presented but with a keen understanding of what best serves the need of an online client. Digital collateral in today’s day and age plays a very important part in every marketing communication strategy embraced by a company.

  • Digital Magazine/Catalogue
  • Designer Emails
  • Presentations

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